Other Activities

Conference Reception | 18 July 2016, 20:00-22:30 | Museum Rotterdam (Timmerhuis, Rodezand Rotterdam) | Free

Taking place in the Rotterdam Museum located in OMA’s most recent building in Rotterdam, the Timmerhuis, this year’s IPHS conference reception has found yet another fantastic venue for the conference reception. Marije ten Kate (Head planner of City Development, Rotterdam) and Paul van de Laar (General director of Museum Rotterdam and Professor of Urban History) will deliver a talk on the relevance of History – Urbanism – Resilience in the view of contemporary city planning.

Register for the conference if you did not do so already by sending an email to info@iphs2016.org


Half Day Evening Tours |
19 July 2016, 17:00-21:00 | Multiple Locations | Additional Costs


Delft through the courtyards

Willemijn Wilms Floet (assistant professor in Architecture, TU Delft) just obtained her doctorate on topic of the Little Courtyard, 1400-2000, (in)visible building blocks in the Dutch City. She will guide us through the well-hidden secrets of these hofjes (Dutch for little courtyards) as resilient micro-structures in the urban fabric of Delft.

A limited number of places is available for this tour. Would you like to join this excursion? Send an email to info@iphs2016.org


Visit to the Archives of Het Nieuwe Instituut 

Het Nieuwe Instituut, the former Dutch Architecture Instituut (NAI), offers a behind-the-screens tour by senior archivist A. Marks. A selection of unique material in the collection of Het Nieuwe Instituut, with for example C. van Eesteren, H.P. Berlage, J.J.P.  Oud and R. Koolhaas will be shown.

This tour takes place in Het Nieuwe Instituut (Museumpark 25, Rotterdam) on Tuesday 19 July, 17:00-18.15.


Vermeer Tour

Learn about the history of Delft during a short walking tour through Delft on foot. We will also visit the location that is depicted on the famous Vermeer painting ‘Het Straatje’ (The Little Street).

This tour leaves from the faculty 16:00, Tuesday 19 July. Register for the tour at the additional activities registration desk. 


Campus Tour

A walking tour around the TU Delft campus, guided by students. Highlights are the variety of buildings by Dutch architect Bakema and the university library by Mecanoo.



Conference Dinner and Boat Tour | 20 July 2016, 19:00-22:30 | Koornmarkt 113, Delft/ Art Centre, Rotterdamseweg 205, Delft| Additional Costs

At 18:00, 20 July 2016, a boat will depart from Koornmarkt 113, Delft that will make a short tour through Delft after which it will drop us off at the Art Centre in Delft, Rotterdamseweg 2015, where the conference dinner will take place.

It is still possible to register for the boat trip (limited places available) and the conference dinner. Both activities can be paid for at the ‘additional activities registration desk’ during the conference.