Guidelines for Presentations

During the 17th IPHS conference, 15 parallel panels will take place in different rooms, each panel consisting of 4-5 panelist (and a chair).

The session chairs have already made arrangements with many of their panelists and their indications should be followed. If this hasn’t happened, we suggest that speakers and chairs contact each other before their sessions and meet during the coffee break preceding their session in the conference room.

For sessions where the chairs have not made arrangements, we propose that in a session with four people, every speaker has 20 minutes to present, in a session with 5 people every speaker has 15 minutes to present, so that we can leave sufficient time for discussion.

Each room will be equipped with a computer and AV and there will be a specification on how to use it. However, the building is big, the rooms are dispersed and the equipment varies among the rooms. We therefore recommend that speakers get to their room early and upload their presentations on the local computers.

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