Conference Schedule

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Sunday 17 July

16:00-21:00: IPHS council meeting and dinner at De Waag, Delft (closed)


Monday 18 July

8:00-18:00: Registration and Book Exhibit open (Room K, TU Delft)

9:00-9:30: Conference Opening by Alderman Ferrie Förster (City of Delft), Dick van Gameren (Mecanoo/ TU Delft)

9:30-10:00: Walking Tour through Delft to conference venue

9:45-10:00: Coffee Break

10:00-10:15: Opening Greetings by Peter Russell (Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, TU Delft), Dirk Schubert (IPHS President) and Carola Hein (convener)   Room A, TU Delft

10:15-12:15: Introductory Talks on the Planning History of the Netherlands by Reinout Rutte (TU Delft), Wil Zonneveld (TU Delft), Cor Wagenaar (TU Delft), Ries van der Wouden (PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency) and Floris Alkemade (Dutch Government Architect) Room A, TU Delft

12:15-13:15: Lunch Break

13:15-14:00: Keynote Speech by Larry Vale, MIT (Room A). Introduced by Robert Freestone (University of New South Wales, Australia). 

14:00-14:15: Coffee Break

14:15-16:00: Parallel Panels (I)

16:00-16:15: Coffee Break

16:15-18:00:  Planning Perspectives Annual Board Meeting (closed)

16:15-18:00: Parallel Panels (II)

20:00-22:30: Conference Reception and talks by Paul van de Laar (Museum Rotterdam) and Matthijs van Ruijven (City of Rotterdam) Buses leaving from the faculty at 19:30. 


Tuesday 19 July

8:00-18:00: Registration and Book Exhibit Open (Room K, TU Delft)

8:30-10:15: Parallel Panels (III)

10:15-10:30: Coffee Break

10:30-12:15: Parallel Panels (IV)

12:15-13:15: Key Note Lunch talk by Michelangelo Russo (Unina) Sponsored by Chair of Environmental Technology and Design. Orange Hall, TU Delft

13:15-14:00: Keynote Speech by Han Meyer, TU Delft. Introduced by Dirk Schubert, HCU Hamburg. Room A, TU Delft. 

14:15-16:00: Parallel Panels (V)

17:00-21:00: Half Day Evening Tour
(multiple locations, additional costs)


Wednesday 20 July

8:00-18:00: Registration and Book Exhibit Open, Room K, TU Delft

8:30-10:15: Parallel Panels (VI)

10:15-10:30: Coffee Break

10:30-12:15: Parallel Panels (VII)

12:15-13:15: Lunch Break and Open Access Session moderator: Michael Hebbert, Orange Hall

13:15-14:00: Jyoti Hosagrahar, Columbia University
Gordon Cherry Memorial Lecture, Room A, TU Delft

14:00-14:15: Coffee Break

14:15-16:00: Parallel Panels (VIII)

16:00-16:30: Keynote Speech by Shun-Ichi Watanabe, Tokyo University of Science. Introduced by Carola Hein, TU Delft. 

16:30-17:30: Carola Hein, Convener, Dirk Schubert, IPHS president: Closing Remarks and Prize Awards Ceremony. Orange Hall, TU Delft. 

18:00-19:00: Boat Tour to Conference Dinner (additional costs)

19:00-22:30: Conference Dinner (additional costs) Buses leaving from the faculty to the dinner location at 18:45. 


Thursday 21 July

8:00-18:00: Excursions leaving from the faculty (Rotterdam, Amsterdam, IJsselmeer, Historic Towns or Dutch Water, additional costs). More information on to this page.