Historic Towns

uitzicht op amersfoort
mage: View of Amersfoort, Matthias Withoos, 1971. Flehite Museum, Amersfoort.

Guided by Reinout Rutte (TU Delft), author of the Atlas of the Dutch Urban Landscape, this excursion will visit the Dutch historic towns Utrecht, Vianen, Amersfoort and Gouda. These four cities will together tell the story of 2000 years of urbanization in the Dutch cultural landscape.
Unfortunately, this excursion is full. It is not possible anymore to subscribe for the historic towns excursion. 

Download the excursion handout here.

Dutch Water

mage: Oosterscheldekering.

In this country that mostly lies below sea level, the Dutch are known for their waterworks. Professor of Heritage & Cultural Value Paul Meurs (TU Delft) will guide a trip that explores the Dutch Delta works from the windmills of Kinderdijk to the Oosterscheldekering (Eastern Scheldt Storm Surge Barrier).

Some spots are still available for this excursion! Send an email to info@iphs2016.org to reserve yours and pay during the conference.

Download the excursion handout here.


Image: D
rawing of Ijsselmeer Region by Paul Broekhuisen.

Professor Frits Palmboom (TU Delft), head of the Van Eesteren Chair will guide us through the Dutch Delta landscape in a tour around the Ijsselmeer. Special attention is given to the plans of Dutch urbanist Van Eesteren. The trip starts with a visit to the Van Eesteren Museum in Amsterdam, whereupon we will visit Marken, Monnickendam, Hoorn, and drive across the Ijsselmeer to ‘New Town’ Lelystad.

Download the extensive excursion handout here.




Image: 1:200 model of the ‘City of the Future’ (1955). Museum Rotterdam. 

Professor of Urban History Paul van de Laar (director of Museum Rotterdam) and Hilde Sennema will host an excursion about the history of Rotterdam. Rotterdam, as a reconstructed city after World War II, is characterized by optimism and a belief in the future. The excursion will visit the centre of Rotterdam in the morning (by foot), and the garden cities of Rotterdam in the afternoon (by bus).

Download the excursion handout here. 



Rijks Jan Rothuizen
mage: Drawing by Jan Rothuizen, from his book The Soft Atlas of Amsterdam.

The Amsterdam excursion will be guided by Erik van der Kooij (Urban Planning and Sustainability, Municipality of Amsterdam). The morning excursion will provide insight in the historic centre of Amsterdam (most probably by boat) and will be hosted by the Monument Agency of Amsterdam. The afternoon tour (by bus) will visit examples of modern city planning in Amsterdam.

Download the excursion handout here.


Each excursion costs 50 euros per person, to be paid at the additional activities registration desk. This price includes transport, lunch, and entry to all highlights. The excursions leave at 8:30 and will be back in Delft at around 18:00. In case you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact info@iphs2016.org